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Joe Trippi

Founder and President – heralded on the cover of The New Republic as the man who “reinvented campaigning” – is widely recognized as one of America’s leading and most influential political strategists.

“One of the best political pros in the business” (Larry King, CNN)

“The genius, the new Carville.” (GQ Magazine)

“Political Innovator of the Decade” (The Atlantic Monthly)

Born in California, Trippi began his political career working on Edward M. Kennedy’s presidential campaign in 1980. His work in presidential politics continued with the campaigns of Walter Mondale, Gary Hart, Richard Gephardt, Howard Dean and, most recently, John Edwards. Trippi has run and consulted on numerous presidential, Senate, congressional, mayoral and gubernatorial races.

Most recently, Trippi was a senior strategist and media consultant in Jerry Brown’s successful run for California Governor. The campaign’s ads were described as “clever” and “amazing,” and they were widely considered some of best of 2010. Chris Matthews called one spot, “Echo”, “one of the best ad I’ve ever seen,” and, in a tough political environment, Rolling Stone said that the Brown ads were two out of only three Democratic ads that “actually worked.”

Trippi and his team pioneered the empowerment message and the online community tools that President Barack Obama used which inspired a movement of supporters and which has now become the basis for movement politics all around the world.

In 2004, as the National Campaign Manager for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, Trippi pioneered the use of online technology to organize what became the largest grassroots movement in presidential politics. Through his innovative use of the Internet for small-donor fundraising, “Dean for America” raised more money than any Democratic presidential campaign to that point – all with donations averaging less than $100.

According to The Atlantic magazine, Trippi’s influence on Democratic Party politics has been profound and lasting:

“The small-dollar Internet donor base attracted by Dean and flogged relentlessly by Trippi has transformed the party’s fundraising. Every single campaign uses Trippi-patented tactics to raise money. The men and women Joe Trippi cultivated on Dean’s staff have stormed the gates and occupy positions of power in major party and campaign offices.”

In 2008, Trippi signed on with Senator John Edwards’ presidential bid as a senior advisor, focusing on messaging, Internet strategy and online engagement. He was also responsible for producing the campaign’s television spots, which were widely applauded as “innovative” and “highly creative” and rated as the best of the Iowa Caucuses by Frank Luntz.

Trippi has an extensive international resume. In 1993, he worked for then PASOK leader Andreas Papandreou’s successful campaign of Prime Minister of Greece, as well as for his son, George Papandreou in 2007. Trippi advised former British Prime Minister Tony Blair during his successful reelection. In 2006, he worked for Romano Prodi on his winning race for Prime Minister of Italy.

In 2008, Trippi helped Morgan Tsvangirai and the Movement for Democratic Change receive the most votes, and helped garner international media attention to Robert Mugabe’s democratic subversion and violence.

In addition to his political work, Trippi has consulted with a number of leading corporations including MasterCard, Toyota, DaimlerChrysler, SES Americom, LabCorp, IBM, Lionsgate Films, BestBuy, MSNBC, Wave Systems, and Progeny Linux Systems.

Trippi is the author of “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Democracy, the Internet and the Overthrow of Everything,” the story of how his revolutionary use of the Internet combined with an impassioned, contagious desire to overturn politics-as-usual grew into a national grassroots movement – and changed the face of American politics forever.

In 2010, Trippi & Associates helped Jerry Brown win the Governor’s Race in California. Called one “One of the Democrats’ great turnaround stories” by POLITICO, Trippi helped the campaign overcome a 6 to 1 financial disadvantage by utilizing social media and producing breakthrough television ads. One of the spots, “Echo”, was hailed as the #1 ad of 2010 by TIME and received 4 “Pollie” awards.

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